Best Printer for Greetings Cards

Greeting cards are such a fun and cute way of sending a personalized message to a loved one. While you can always drop them a text message or send them an e-card, they don’t have that special effect that greeting cards do.

Imagine opening your mailbox to collect your monthly bills when you suddenly notice a pretty, colorful envelope sitting between your bills. As you open it, you realize that it’s a customized holiday greeting card from your aunt wishing you happy holidays! Wouldn’t that just put the biggest smile on your face?

Many people prefer sending an e-card or simply leaving a text message to their loved ones because the thought of going to the gift shop and looking for the right greeting cards for friends and family sounds really inconvenient. However, as inconvenient as it may sound, it shouldn’t put you off actually sending a personalized greeting card. Instead of buying one from the store, create your own and print them at home!

Thanks to technology, there are various types of printers, from those big-sized machines to the portable ones that allow you to print high quality and colorful greeting cards for all your loved ones! Whether you wish to send someone a sympathy card with regards to a loss or an illness, or you want to wish them a happy birthday, you can easily print a variety of greeting cards with a single click of a button and in a matter of a few minutes or even seconds!

These printers initially come with paper and ink supplies, wireless network connections, and versatile printing options. So, all you need to do is select your preferred greeting card, customize it the way you want, connect your phone or any other device to the printer, and simply print away!

To help you get your hands on the best printer for greeting cards, we have shortlisted a few printer options for you. If you’re looking to buy a top-quality printer as soon as possible, take a look at our top pick for the best printer for greeting cards!

Best Printer for Greetings Cards - Reviews

Does HP know how to make amazing printers or what? The third HP printer on this list, the OfficeJet 250 can be used not just for printing greeting cards, but literally anything – from cards and photos to assignments and important documents! It comes with multiple paper sizes that let you print different types of greeting cards, each with a unique size and design.

This is an all-in-one portable printer that is highly compatible with all types of laptops and mobile devices. The standout feature here is that it promotes portable printing, no matter where you are. All you need to do is connect your phone or laptop with it and print away!

Additionally, it is so compact and portable that you can easily fit it inside your backpack or your car, whichever is most convenient for you. To top it off, the battery of this printer is extremely long-lasting and charges fully in a matter of just 90 minutes while the device is completely shut-off. You can even charge it in your car when you’re on-the-go and can print your Christmas greeting cards while you’re on the way to the Christmas party!

This printer uses original HP ink cartridges, namely HP 62 ink and HP 62XL. This ensures the highest-quality prints and guarantees that your greeting cards are as colorful, vibrant, and glossy as you want them to be with perfectly clear and readable written text.

It also features a ten-page automatic document feeder along with a 2.56-inch color touch screen, together which kickstart a fast and smooth printing process. With the automatic document feeder, you can print multiple copies of the same greeting card completely hands-free!


  • Installation takes hardly five minutes
  • Exceptional printing results
  • Prints at a fairly high speed
  • Super compact and portable
  • Ensures ease of wireless printing in seconds


  • A little tricky to insert the ink cartridges
  • USB connection works inconsistently
  • Some might find it too heavy  

True to its name, the Canon PIXMA TR8520 is an all-in-one printer that has been specially designed to meet all your printing needs.  Not only is this printer ideal for printing greeting cards, but it also has options for scanning and faxing!

One of the main features of this printer is the five-color individual ink system that allows you to print super vibrant and pretty greeting cards. From important office documents and university assignments to family photos and concert tickets, this printer lets you print anything you want and offers great versatility.

What makes it a great printer for greeting cards is the fact that it features auto two-sided printing and ensures versatile paper support with both front and rear paper feeding. It has a compact design, which means you can fit it anywhere you want, be it your home or office.

You’ll be thoroughly impressed by the smooth connectivity of this printer; it ensures wireless printing and easily connects to different kinds of devices, including both Android and iPhone tablets and smartphones.

With a 4.3 inches LCD touch screen and a 20 sheet ADF (Automatic Document Feeder), this printer makes the printing process super quick and easy.

The individual ink system is exceptionally useful when printing greeting cards because it only requires you to replace the particular ink color that runs out. Many printers completely stop working when a single color finishes up and start working only when you install a refill. This printer, on the other hand, keeps running smoothly!


  • Has a fast printing speed
  • The touch screen makes it super easy to use
  • Smooth paper support
  • Wireless and compatible
  • High-quality prints  


  • The plastic construction feels flimsy
  • Canon cartridge refills are very expensive
  • Difficult to set up and install

HP is one of the most popular names when it comes to high-quality printers, be it for office use or home use. The HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 is one of its top-rated printers and is ideal for printing greeting cards, owing to its incredible features and characteristics.

This printer for greeting cards comes with a two-sided duplex printing option that lets you print your cards with a personalized message at the back. This allows for increased customization, where you can print special kinds of greeting cards for your loved ones, friends, and family.

One of its key features includes a ‘dash replenishment’ function that alerts you when the printer is low on ink and then places a reorder for you. The best part about this is that it doesn’t require any subscription fees!

Another thing that you’ll love about this printer is that it comes with both wireless and Ethernet network connections and is highly compatible with all kinds of smartphones, tablets, and notebook PCs.  It’s super easy and convenient to set up and install this printer, which means that it can be used just about anywhere, whether at home or work.

As with many other HP printers, this one also has options for scanning and faxing, which means you can also fax the cards to whoever you want. It features a ‘color touch screen’ that provides you with a user-friendly interface along with increased control over the printing settings and options.


  • Easy to set up and install
  • Comes with a built-in instant ink function
  • Notifies you when the ink is low
  • Great value for money
  • Fast printing with high-quality prints


  • Print heads need to be cleaned after every use
  • Replacement cartridges are a little expensive

This is yet another great HP printer for greeting cards with all-in-one features that make it a great option for office use as well as home use. It also offers scanning and faxing services, which is what makes it such a useful all-rounder printer.

One of the most notable features of this printer is that it comes with eight months’ worth of ink supply! It basically gives you a chance to get your hands on instant ink through a code given that you end up printing a total of hundred pages a month.  This way, you don’t only get ink cartridges delivered right to your doorstep, but you also save a lot on ink!

This printer also features an ink replenishment function like many other HP printers and notifies you each time your printer is running low on ink. This saves you from half-printed greeting cards and also prevents wastage of paper.

While it does support an Ethernet connection, you can also print remotely with the help of the HP smart application. The app lets you access your printer, keep a thorough check on the ink levels, and print your desired greeting cards while you’re on-the-go! This is an extremely useful feature, especially if you travel a lot or are away from home for the better part of the day, but still want to send out holiday greeting cards to your loved ones in time.

Another very important thing to know about this printer is that it has a highly sustainable design and has been constructed using recycled plastic equipment. So, if you’re big on eco-friendly tech-based products, you’ll really love this printer!


  • The fastest and most painless printer setup
  • Ideal for those who are always on-the-go
  • Comparatively smaller and more compact
  • Excellent text quality
  • Works well with wireless connectivity


  • The construction feels a little flimsy
  • Doesn’t come with an envelope tray

With superior print quality and incredible, hassle-free features, the Epson XP-7100 is one of the best printers for greeting cards. Other than regular printing paper, it also prints on specialty paper, a feature that will help you further enhance and beautify your greeting cards!

Although this printer is only compatible with Epson cartridges and doesn’t work with any other external or third-party ink cartridges, the fact they produce premium quality prints with an attractive design and sharp written text completely makes up for this shortcoming.

It uses a 4.3-inch touch screen that allows you to view and edit all your cards and photos before you begin printing them. You have the option of printing them from the SD card slot, as well as the USB slot that comes with the printer.

Additionally, it comes with a 30-page automatic document feeder that lets you print multiple copies of the same greeting card at the same time without you having to do anything at all. This feature is coupled with an auto 2-sided printing function that helps print on both sides of the greeting card.

Another thing that you will really like about this printer for greeting cards is that it uses the 5-color Clarian inks that produce the most durable and long-lasting prints. These inks are also highly water-resistant, smudge-proof, and take a long time to fade.

You can use this printer to print cards from your laptop through an Ethernet connection if you’re at home, and also from your tablet or smartphone through a smooth and fast wireless connection if you’re on-the-go!


  • Easy to set up and install
  • Comes with wire and wireless connection
  • Prints high-quality photos within 12 seconds
  • The illuminated touch screen offers a greater amount of control
  • Excellent text quality


  • The design feels a little delicate
  • Doesn’t work with third-party ink cartridges
  • Prints sometimes have vertical streaks in them

Best Printer for Greetings Cards - Buyers Guide

When you go to buy a printer for greeting cards, you will come across many amazing options. You’re likely to get attracted to a few due to their sleek and classic designs; however, there’s so much more to a printer than just its striking looks and appearance. There’s a wide range of features and characteristics that you must consider during the buying process.

To help you buy the right printer for your needs, here are some essential factors that you should keep in mind before making the final purchase.

Printing Quality  

There’s no point in buying an expensive and elegant-looking printer if it doesn’t even do its basic job well. The print quality is one of the most important things about any printer. In the case of a printer for greeting cards, you want to get the one that ensures clear and readable text that you have on the card, along with any images or photos that it might also have.

Printing Speed

There’s probably nothing worse than working with a super slow printer that prints at a snail’s speed. When printing greeting cards, especially in the case of holiday cards that you want to print in bulk, you need your printer to work as fast as possible – after all, there’s so much to do during the holiday season. Some printers work really fast and are able to print as many as a hundred pages in a single minute. However, the speed of the printer depends on two main factors: the model of the printer and how detailed your greeting card is.

Ease of Use

Many printers are known for how they are difficult they are to install, set up, and use. You certainly want to steer clear of such printers because they only serve to complicate the entire printing process. The best printer for greeting cards is one that isn’t just easy to set up, but also super convenient to use, be it for printing greeting cards, photos, or important documents.


The cost of the printer isn’t just the price tag attached to it; it also includes the cost of replacement ink cartridges that you need once the initial supply finishes. Some printers use high-quality replacement cartridges that come at a really high price, but they also produce the best results. It all comes down to how much you’re willing to spend and also how frequent your usage is.


Can I Print Greeting Cards Directly from my Phone? 

The majority of the modern printers come with an in-built wireless connection that helps you connect your phone to the printer without any problem. All you need to do is connect both the devices, send the command from your phone, and click the button on the printer.

Can I Print Cards on-the-go? 

There are a few portable printers that are specially meant for people who are always on-the-go. They have wireless network connections and can easily be used from inside the vehicle and can even be charged using the AC power unit.

Final Words 

Buying the best printer for greeting cards can be a confusing and complex ordeal; however, if you go through our buyer’s guide, it will help clarify a lot of things.

The ideal printer is one that’s easy to use, has zero compatibility issues, produces high-quality prints, and is compact and portable.

You want to make sure that you’re able to print colorful and quality greeting cards that seriously warm the recipient’s heart! The best way to go about this is to look up a few printers, shortlist them, do thorough research in terms of pros and cons, and then make an informed decision!